Past Issues

Volume 4, Number 1 (2013)

Introduction: Human-Animal Relations Free to all readers!
Rebecca Feinberg, Patrick Nason, and Sridharan Hamsini

Animals, Plants, People, and Things: A Review of Multispecies Ethnography
Laura A. Ogden, Billy Hall, and Tanita, Kimiko

Pigs, Fish, and Birds: Toward Multispecies Ethnography in Melanesia
Katharina Schneider

Untangling Introduced and Invasive Animals
Crystal Fortwangler

Humans, Animals, and Health: From Ecology to Entanglement
Alex M. Nading

Explorations in Ethnoelephantology: Social, Historical, and Ecological Intersections between Asian Elephant and Humans
Piers Locke

Flagships or Battleships: Deconstructing the Relationship between Social Conflict and Conservation Flagship Species
Leo R. Douglas and Diogo Veríssimo

Archaeology and Animal Persons: Toward a Prehistory of Human-Animal Relations
Erica Hill

The Return of the Animal: Posthumanism, Indigeneity, and Anthropology
Danielle DiNovelli-Lang

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