Past Issues

Volume 2, Number 1 (2011)

Introduction: Environment, Society, and Food Free to all readers!
Rebecca Feinberg, Paige West, and Dan Brockington

Can Consumer Demand Deliver Sustainable Food? Recent Research in Sustainable Consumption Policy and Practice
Cindy Isenhour

Fair Trade and Fair Trade Certification of Food and Agricultural Commodities: Promises, Pitfalls, and Possibilities
Debarati Sen and Sarasij Majumder

Nature’s Marker? A Review of Organic Certification
Shaila Seshia Galvin

Mapping the Food Movement: Addressing Inequality and Neoliberalism
Teresa Marie Mares and Alison Hope Alkon

Food Sovereignty: A New Rights Framework for Food and Nature?
Hannah Wittman

Shared Meals and Food Fights: Geographical Indications, Rural Development, and the Environment
Fabio Parasecoli and Aya Tasaki

Rethinking the Food-versus-Fuel Debate: An Appraisal of International Perspectives and Implications for the South African Industrial Biofuels Strategy
Shaun Ruysenaar

From Biotech to Nanotech: Public Debates about Technological Modification of Food
Jennifer B. Rogers-Brown, Christine Shearer, and Barbara Herr Harthorn

The “State” of Ecological Thinking in the Political Science Classroom
Joanna L. Mosser

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