Current Issue

Volume 6, Number 1 (2015)

  1. The Anthropocene: A Critical Exploration [Free Download]

    Amelia Moore
  2. Anthropological Engagement with the Anthropocene: A Critical Review

    Hannah Gibson and Sita Venkateswar
  3. Beyond the Anthropocene: Un-Earthing an Epoch

    Valerie Olson and Lisa Messeri
  4. The Social Life of Blame in the Anthropocene

    Peter Rudiak-Gould
  5. The Mutable, the Mythical, and the Managerial: Raven Narratives and the Anthropocene

    Thomas F. Thornton and Patricia M. Thornton
  6. What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Biodiversity Conservation in the Anthropocene?

    George Holmes
  7. The Anthropocene Trading Zone: The New Conservation, Big Data Ecology, and the Valuation of Nature

    Lizzy Hare
  8. A Political Ecology of Education in/for the Anthropocene

    Teresa Lloro-Bidart
  9. Less Than One But More Than Many: Anthropocene as Science Fiction and Scholarship-in-the-Making [OPEN ACCESS]

    Heather Anne Swanson, Nils Bubandt, and Anna Tsing