Volume 8, Number 1 (2017)

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Liam Downey, Inequality, Democracy and the Environment
Reviewer: Shubhi Sharma

Kemi Fuentes-George, Between Preservation and Exploitation: Transnational Advocacy Networks and Conservation in Developing Countries
Reviewer: Rachel Golden Kroner

Randall Fuller, The Book That Changed America: How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation
Reviewer: Daniel Rinn

Otis L. Graham Jr., Presidents and the American Environment
Reviewer: Camden Burd

Jessica Smartt Gullion, Fracking the Neighborhood: Reluctant Activists and Natural Gas Drilling
Reviewer: Gregorio Oritz

Jerry K. Jacka, Alchemy in the Rain Forest: Politics, Ecology, and Resilience in a New Guinea Mining Area
Reviewer: John Burton

Tammy Lewis, Ecuador’s Environmental Movements: Ecoimperialists, Ecodependents, and Ecoresisters
Reviewer: Angus Lyall

Knut Nustad, Creating Africas: Struggles over Nature and Conservation
Reviewer: Pierre du Plessis

Ulrich Oslender, The Geographies of Social Movements: Afro-Colombian Mobilization and the Aquatic Space
Reviewer: Allison Koch

Joshua O. Reno, Waste Away: Working and Living with a North American Landfill
Reviewer: Yvan Schulz

Kristin Reynolds and Nevin Cohen, Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City
Reviewer: Emily McKee

Gregory Smits, Seismic Japan: The Long History and Continuing Legacy of the Ansei Edo Earthquake
Reviewer: Michael Berman

Jessica Van Horssen, A Town Called Asbestos: Environmental Contamination, Health, and Resilience in a Resource Community
Reviewer: Peter C. Little