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“Anthropological Engagement with the Anthropocene”

February 22, 2017

The latest Environment and Society featured article is now available! This month’s article, “Anthropological Engagement with the Anthropocene: A Critical Review,” comes from Volume 6 (2015), a special issue on the Anthropocene. In their review of anthropology’s evolving engagement with the Anthropocene, HannahGibson and Sita Venkateswar contemplate multifarious approaches to research and discuss critical engagement discussed including anthropology beyond disciplinary borders, queries writing in the Anthropocene, and anthropology of climate change.

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“It is not a concrete state of ‘being’ but a process of becoming. For example, consider that a rider on a horse has to some extent ‘become’ like a horse in order to interact, connect, and think with the horse, just as we can say that an animal may ‘become human’” (Gibson and Venkateswar 2015: 13). Photograph by Pranav Bhasin via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

HANNAH GIBSON is a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at the Victoria University of Wellington. For her current research, she will be exploring the everyday domain of reproductive practices and conducting experience-centered research that examines the reproductive hopes, motivations, and experiences of intended parents and surrogates in New Zealand. Hannah’s special interests include infertility, new reproductive technologies, contested and rare illnesses, sexuality, and multispecies ethnography.

SITA VENKATESWAR is based in the Social Anthropology program at Massey University, Aotearoa/New Zealand. She is Associate Director of the Massey chapter of the recently established New Zealand India Research Institute (NZIRI). Her ethnography Development and Ethnocide: Colonial Practices in the Andaman Islands (2004) is based on her PhD fieldwork in the Andaman Islands and her coedited book, The Politics of Indigeneity: Dialogues and Reflections on Indigenous Activism (2011), is published by Zed Books. Her current research on the implications of climate change for food production takes a political ecology approach to follow the fortunes of millet cultivation in India.


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