New Issue of Environment and Society!

December 15, 2016

Berghahn Journals is pleased to announce that the latest volume of Environment and Society has recently published and is available online at its new home,

This volume, guested edited by Kay E. Lewis-Jones, revolves around the theme of “People and Plants,” as “recent research on plants … is now expanding our appreciation both of the fundamental role plants have in the function and health of the living world, and of their own intimate interactions within it.” The guest editor’s introduction is available to all readers for free.

Environment and Society 7 is rounded out by a section of book reviews on recent and relevant publications.

Volume 7 (2016): People and Plants
Guest editor: Kay E. Lewis-Jones


People and Plants
Kay E. Lewis-Jones


Placing Plants in Territory
Sarah Besky and Jonathan Padwe

Boundary Plants, the Social Production of Space, and Vegetative Agency in Agrarian Societies
Michael Sheridan

Extractive Conservation: Peasant Agroecological Systems as New Frontiers of Exploitation?
Anne Cristina de la Vega-Leinert and Peter Clausing

Cultures of Soy and Cattle in the Context of Reduced Deforestation and Agricultural Intesification in the Brazilian Amazon
Ariela Zycherman

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: The Social Worlds of Wheat
Jessica Barnes

Humans, Plants, and Networks: A Critical Review
Laura Calvet-Mir and Matthieu Salpeteur


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